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Samoa Holidays: Nothing but the Best

Samoa is a perfect destination, whether you are looking for a vacation with friends, and family, on a business vacation, honeymoon or just to explore the bespoke natural beauty. Samoa is a sequence of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and beautiful Hawaii, and very close to International Date Line.

Samoa holidays offer you everything; from relaxing vacations to adventurous timeout from mundane and tedious daily life. Bask in the sun on a golden beach or soak yourself in the turquoise water, the choice is all yours. Other than this, the tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls, majestic caves, astonishing mangroves, and deep valleys will enchant your heart and will leave a long lasting impression in your mind.

Samoa is a paradise for the water sport lovers. The high sea waves and clean water proffers you the best arena to enjoy the water sports. Try jet water sports, waterfall jumping, scuba diving, snorkelling, and deep sea fishing. There is something in store for everyone in Samoa. Furthermore, Samoa is blessed with splendid marine life. Thousands of unique fishes in vibrant designs and colors, amazing coral reefs, turtles and much more will amuse you. Samoa is the only place where you can get a chance to swim with turtles.

If you are thinking that Samoa is just for the people who love water sports, then you are absolutely wrong. The bespoke beauty of the country with the natural heritage is totally pristine and offers you a sense of relaxation and serenity. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the fringing waves or go on a hiking tour to explore the tropical rain forest. With spectacular waterfalls, the rarest flora and fauna, majestic caves, impeccable mangroves and much more, Samoa holidays perfectly reckons with the concept of “nature at its Best”.

There are various accommodation options available, in Samoa, for the people looking for a comfortable and opulent stay. Lusia’s Lagoons ( is one of the few resorts that offer you the best stay with a perfect glimpse of natural beauty of Samoa. Other than this, there are various budget hotels available in Samoa which provides exquisite stay at affordable rates. You can also select to live in fales (beach huts). These huts give you a hand to hand feel of the Samoan local life.

The local people of Samoa are very friendly and welcoming. You can visit the traditional villages to explore the true Samoa life. The locals involve you in the festivals and events occurring on regular intervals. You might get fortunate to witness the fire knife dance performed by the local males, or can become a player of local game Kirikiti. Other than this, the local street market is a place to explore. The market is flooded with beautiful artefacts, perfect souvenirs for your loved ones back home; or you can taste the local cuisines which are grown in the country.

Make you Samoa Holidays perfect and enjoy the unprecedented and bespoke natural beauty offered to isle of Samoa.

Samoa Holiday: Explore Your Inner Self

Placed in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Group of Islands, called Samoa is a perfect tourist destination. Also famous as a home of great Scottish author and adventure enthusiast Robert Louis Stevenson, Samoa is a place blessed with natural beauty and calm atmosphere. The country achieved complete independence in 1962 and over past 5 decades, it has grown as a most sought travel destination, attracting umpteen numbers of visitors, every year.

Samoa Holiday is a perfect way to rejuvenate your senses while you get a break from the maddening city life. The place is calm and soothing, and with the pristine beaches and amazing tropical rain forests, you get a piece of nature, everywhere you go in Samoa. Apia is the capital of the country, and is located on the island Upolu. Savaii and Upolu are the largest islands, and holds great importance. There are total of 362 villages in Isle of Samoa, with every village offering something special.

When you are on a Samoa holiday, get prepared to enthral your mind and eyes with the authentic beauty at its best. Get indulged in umpteen water sports and give wings to your desires. There are so many things in Samoa that can keep you busy. Go out on a cycling tour to explore the volcanic craters, ancient archaeological sites and forest reserves, astonishing caves and blowholes.

Samoa holidays can be a great fun for the people, no matter what age and community they belong to. The pristine beaches with golden sand await you. Relax and bask in the sun, with your favourite book in hand and enjoy the fringing waves, above and below the water. Other than this, Samoa Holidays are another name for water sports. Soak yourself in water and enjoy kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing and much more. The group of islands nourishes the unprecedented quantity of beautiful marine life. Explore the underwater life and get a chance to see varieties of fishes in vibrant colours. Furthermore, you can get a chance to swim with the turtles, a plus point of your Samoa holidays.

Despite the fact, the country is far away from the global modernisation, yet you can get perfect accommodation in the resorts and hotels available in the country. Samoa doesn’t nourish great number of hotels and resorts, yet there are certain Samoa Holiday homes which are a perfect reflection of opulence and comfort. If you are planning a Samoa Holiday, make sure to book a suite, prior to your vacation plans. You can make an online booking by logging on

The best time to visit the country is from May to September when the temperatures are cooled by South East Trade winds. However, the temperature doesn’t exceed 29 degrees in normal days. Visit to the local street market is must. The market not only offers you the glimpse of the local lifestyle, but you can buy artefacts for your friends, back home.

Samoa Where Grandeur meets Nature

Samoa is a group of islands that are located in South Pacific Ocean. Situated amidst the New Zealand and Hawaii, the place is an amazing tourist destination that attracts masses due to its pristine natural beauty, cultural heritage, pristine beaches, and umpteen water activities.

Samoa holiday offers you a lot to rejuvenate your mind and soul. You can indulge yourself in the various sports activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing and much more. Bask in the sun backed beaches or take a tour to the tropical rainforests that inherits amazing flora and fauna. The majestic caves, blow holes, mangroves, and deep valleys will make you fall in love with the place.

When you are on a Samoa holiday, you should have a thorough knowledge of the country, as it will help you in exploring the country and also being safe by knowing the traditional norms.

In Samoa, people are very traditions and they respect the hierarchy that their ancestors has set, though there have been certain modifications. For the Samoa, people family is the priority, and they respect the elders in the family. The social structure is well-organised, yet holds the old charm.

The system of the Government, which the Samoans follow, is known as “fa’amatai” with the chief known as “Matai”. He is responsible for taking care of the extended family. On basis of need and honour, wealth and food are distributed, although every individual is considered equal in terms of social status and holds equal responsibilities. Samoans have the rigid set of rules and regulations which make the people become independent and dignified, and many a times, discreet.

Religion is the most important aspect of the Samoan Culture. The Samoan people are god fearing and most of the population follows Christianity. However, it is believed that initially the religion that was followed in the country was quite contrary to the Christian beliefs. After the arrival of missionaries, the Christianity was spread and influenced the Samoan population.

The dress and food in the Isle of Samoa is very different and unique. The women in Samoa wear Puletasi, a skirt with a tunic. There is another dress that is worn by both men and women.

When you are on a Samoa holiday, never miss a chance to taste the local Samoan Cuisine. The main element of the food is sea caught species cooked with the fruits and vegetables grown in the country.

According to the Samoan tradition, the eldest member of the family will eat first, and then other members of the family will start.

Talking about the accommodation options, there are very few options available, all thanks to the regulations imposed on the new constructions, imposed by Samoan Government. There is a resort called Lusia’s Lagoon chalets that offer the best accommodation facilities to the travellers. Located in the pristine location of Savaii, the resort is a perfect accommodation destination. visit to learn more

Explore Samoa at its Best

Pristine beaches, coral reefs, secluded lagoons and amazing flora and fauna in the tropical rainforests attract thousands of the vacationers to South Pacific islands. The Equator divides the Pacific ocean into Northern and Southern parts, where a small group of islands is located, Samoa. The place is an affordable holiday destination. The affordable prices of the hotels and other services have increased the demand of the country in the Global tourism map.

When you are in the country, the main thing of concern is locating a nice resort or hotel of stay. To ensure the happy and blissful Samoa holiday, it is advised to get the advanced booking. There are very few hotels available in the country, therefore offers limited accommodation options. Isle of Samoa offers the accommodation options through independent resorts or beach bungalows. Many renowned hotel chains also have established their resorts in the capital Apia or other major cities. If you are looking for the perfect glimpse of Samoan life, make sure to have a stay in the fales( beach huts), as they offer you the perfect feel of the way common people in the country lives.

Samoa is a safe holiday destination, with little crime and no serious threats of international terrorism. Solo female travelers can feel safe; however, special attention should be given to the local dress code when visiting the solitude areas including certain beaches. Although very few cases of sexual harassment have been witnessed, yet it is advised to avoid wandering alone late at the night.

In Samoa, you have everything that can help you relax and rejuvenate. The activities that are offered by the country for the Samoa holiday are scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking. Other than this, you can go on a tour to tropical rain forests and experience the bespoke nature with cascading waterfalls, mangroves and blowholes.

Samoa holiday is a perfect option for the honeymoon couples. The complete privacy and intimacy offered by Samoa makes it a perfect holiday destination. Samoa has tropical climate with the average temperature ranging from 25 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. The temperature may fluctuate with the humid days. Summers falls between November and April, with high temperatures. The heavy downpours and cyclones are common, but destructive hurricanes are very rare.

The best time for Samoa holiday is July to August, but the accommodation can be expensive during these months. Make sure that you have perfect accommodation reservations before you land at the airport.

One of the resorts that offer best accommodation at affordable rates and high class features is Lusia’s Lagoon Chalets. Located in Savaii, the resort offers experience of the splendid Ancient Samoan mini-rainforest and strong vision of Samoan culture and value. So if you are looking for the best Samoa Holiday homes, make sure to visit

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